Hi, I'm Nia

it's lovely to meet you.

Nia Keturah

… is 2/3 of my government name.

Thanks for coming and checking my page out. There’s so many other things you could be doing online, but you’re here with me, I appreciate that. 

I call myself an artist. It took a long time for me to declare that title, I was baptized into a community where artistry seemed reckless and unstable. I wanted to be anything but an artist, so for a while a masqueraded around as the girl from Kanye’s first verse of “All Falls Down”. Then overtime (specifically sometime around my second sophomore year) I realized art was just about the only thing that made me feel secure. So I’m an artist…it’s one of the few things I feel comfortable claiming.

I’m also a proud Maryland resident, Otis Redding’s “sitting on the dock of the bay” always plays in my head when I describe the good parts of my hometown. Something off of Dipset’s Diplomatic Immunity usually plays when I think of the bad parts. Both the good and bad parts help mold me.

My ideal life would be to wake up everyday and create without limits. I pray and strive everyday to make that fantasy come to fruition.

p.s. Somé is my best friend…and a recluse. You can find it’s mask here.


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Nia Keturah
Annapolis, MD

s: @NiaKeturah


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Nia Keturah